A!ex car is a Lexus RX450h retrofitted with PACMod System including the following features and options.

  • CAN interface
  • Drive-by-wire system
    • Speed and steering controller available
    • Joystick control interface
  • Extensive feedback from vehicle
  • Comprehensive and fully integrated into the vehicle, enabling driving and data collection through feedback
  • Autoware software stack, running on top of ROS


  • 2x Mako G-319C- mounted in cab on front window rack​
  • 1x Velodyne VLP32c​
  • 1x Delphi ESR 2.5 24V​
  • 1x Novatel GPS PwrPak7D-E2, RTK corrections available​
  • 1x IMU-IGM-S1/STIM300​
  • 2x NovAtel 502 Low Profile Dual-frequency GNSS antennas

Research Groups

Ville Kyrki: learning based autonomous systems, safety​​

Kari Tammi: vehicle energy efficiency, connectivity, V2I​, ADAS​

Riku Jäntti: 5G, localization, MTC​​

Claudio Roncoli: Smart mobility, transportation, logistics​

Mario DiFrancesco: Edge computing​

Matti Vaaja: mobile mapping, laser scanning

News and Media

  • >Aalto News< Invisible powers are driving cars and cranes, but what goes on behind the scenes to get these machines moving?
  • Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom) approved license plate of A!ex for autonomous driving.
  • >Aalto Magazine< Otaniemi, meet A!ex
  • >MustRead< Itseohjautuvalla autolla täytyy olla ”terve sydän ja aivot” – ilman niitä syntyy ruumiita



  • Jesse Pirhonen

  • Gokhan Alcan

Photo Credit: Aalto University / Kalle Kataila