Autonomous and Mobility Lab in School of Engineering

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Award-winning BottleBot by Jesse Pirhonen and Risto Ojala (LINK).

Our focus is in cross section of new transportation technologies and digitalization as enabler for new features for mobility. We carry out research in transportation as well as vehicle technology. Connecting vehicles together and exchanging information with infrastructure enable Smart Mobility.

Digital transportation system view.

Smart mobility researchers at School of Engineering.

We currently focus more on autonomous mobility research in collaboration with School of Electrical Engineering and recently purchased platform vehicle for ADAS kit. This will in future enable us to study processing self-driving vehicle sensor data, robustness of different sensors, operation under various weather conditions, and transition to fully automated and connected traffic.

CONTACT: Kari Tammi


Autonomous systems group has been conducting hands-on research on physical heavy-duty semi-autonomous machines and autonomous mobiles robots, mainly in agriculture and forestry, for more than two decades. The group specializes in situational awareness, machine perception, SLAM, path planning, navigation, model predictive control, and multi-robot systems related issues in dynamic environments.



The group studies efficient algorithms that enable intelligent spaces and interaction, including on-body and environmental sensing, usable security, optimization and machine learning methods.



Our current research focuses on the foundations of distributed computing. The key research question is related to the concept of locality in the context large computer networks.


Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering

Our research connects spatial planning and transportation engineering for developing new scientific knowledge needed in systemic understanding, problem-solving, and integrative planning and policy-making beyond sectoral boundaries, aimed at achieving human-centered living environments.

CONTACT: Roncoli Claudio

Network Systems

Our research focuses on the challenges brought by the large growth in data volumes through digitalization of society, and the huge increase in connected devices through Internet of Things (IoT).

CONTACT: Mario Di Francesco

Network Architecture, Protocols and Services

Our research is focusing on transport and application layer aspects. In conjunction with this, we work towards understanding user behavior (mobility, network and service interactions) and traffic patterns in the Internet through measurements and modeling and on the impact of network performance on user quality of experience.

CONTACT: Jose Costa

Mobile Robotics

Mobile Robotics group focuses on enabling autonomous physical agents to safely, successfully, and legibly operate in dynamic environments shared with humans.

CONTACT: Tomasz Kucner

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